Services & Amenities

Take Me To Paris Apartments is truly a unique business that focuses on creating productive partnerships with apartment owners and guests visiting  Paris.  Two successful businesswomen who both bring a distinct skill set to the organization founded the business, which caters to corporate travelers, vacationers and apartment owners.

The goal of Take Me To Paris Apartments is to provide exceptional client services and a five-star guest experience at a competitive price in the Paris apartment rental marketplace.  The organization offers unparalleled full-service rentals for clients and apartment guests.  Unlike our competitors, we work to build sustainable business relationships with both clients and guests with a focus on quality renters at exclusive properties. 

Take Me To Paris Apartments also has the expertise to be a resource to Americans who are interested in purchasing real estate in Paris.  The agency is delighted to offer consulting services and introductions to a host of English-speaking French professionals who specialize in working with Americans who want to find the perfect second home and investment property in Paris.  The French process can be intimidating and we are happy to be your guide throughout the experience.




Detailed booking consultation

Online concierge service:

Tailored Pre-Arrival:

  • Grocery shopping
  • Pre-prepared food delivery
  • Event preparation

On-site concierge service:

  • Car service
  • Dining reservations
  • Tour arrangements
  • Event planning
  • Excursion planning




  • Tailored contracts to meet Owners goals
  • Total transparency in administrative and management fees
  • Detailed apartment audits and recommendations to increase rentals
  • Online access to interactive booking calendars 24/7
  • Personalized marketing plan for each Owner based on location and size of apartment
  • Mandatory damage waiver protection required for each rental guest to cover unanticipated damages.
  • House Book preparation for each Owner that outlines exact guidelines for guest in using all electronics, appliances and trash disposal
  • Monthly invoicing and payments made in USD or Euro to institution of Owners choice
  • Checks lists for apartment cleanings and guest arrivals to ensure proper care
  • Inventories maintained for valuables, linens and kitchenware
  • Annual reviews of marketing, income goals, and apartment updates
  • Complete management of any repairs, minor remodeling and deliveries for Owners
  • Recommendations for French professionals in the areas of French tax preparation and banking




  • Personal consultation to help evaluate if owning in Paris makes financial sense for your family (what I wish I knew BEFORE I purchased my first Paris property!)
  • Introductions to reputable French real estate agents specializing in the area and type of real estate that match your interest
  • Introductions to the team of professionals you will likely need to complete your transaction including:   Notaires (Attorneys), Bankers, CPAs, Contractors, and Appraisers
  • Provide ongoing management of your property while generating income via short term rentals to corporate and vacationing  Americans